dinsdag 24 april 2012

How to: eyeshadow


Today a how to: how to bring a nice eyeshadow look. Eyeshadow can look very nice if you do it well, but it can also look as a big mess if you do it wrong! If you know the trics, every colour can look nice to your eyes. Follow these rules: a light coulour on you right eyecorner (number 2 on the picture), a middle to dark coulour from the half of you eye to the left eyecorner (number 3). The rule: use light colours on day, darker in the night. If you want to, use a light coulour above your eye (number 1). Do you want to bring eyeliner? Do it after you have brought your eyeshadow! To accentuate your eyes, use a bit of a very dark coulour in the most left part of your eye.

If a eyeshadow hasn't got enough pigment (colour), use a wet brush to bring it on your eyes, and the colour will be more intens.

Good luck with your looks! Do you have some great make-up tips and tricks? Tell me!

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