zondag 22 april 2012

Musthave basics!

The key piece to a amazing outfit can be so easy if you have the right clothes to complete it. Here are a few basic musthaves that can help you with choosing a perfect outfit:

-Jeans, perfect for, well, everything

-basic tops in all colours

-a nice fitting well blazer (black is the most useful colour)

-maybe not on the most wishlists, but a skirt can look very well on a sunny day

-black trousers/little back dress, for chique dinners or partys.

Do not think that a outfit with basics absolutely BORING is, it can look even more stylisch if you have perfect fitting and matching clothes. Are you really afraid that it is going to be a unfashionable outfit, use one of these tips:

-add a remarkable accesoire like a statement necklace or a big bracelet

-scarfs can be very fashionable if the have a interesting print or just nice fabric

-to accentuate your waist you can take a little belt

-lipgloss/lipstick or eyeshadow in a nice color can also make the different between 'just' a outfit or a impressing outfit

-last but nog least: try! Don't be shy to just do what you like to do. What seems as a silly idea can be great if you wear it. Dress to impress!

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