woensdag 9 mei 2012

How to make photo close-ups

Today a how to! I really love close-up photo's. They show details and beautiful parts of things you've never looked at. First some inspiration of close-ups i've made by myself:

Do you want to make clear, beautiful close-ups? Here are some tips:
1.  Don't think you need a very special subject! Everything can be beautiful in a close-up. (even a carlight, like you can see in my first photo!)
2. If you have the possibility, choose a special close-up program on your photocamera. This is to make clear photo's.
3. Don't move! Forinstance, put your camera on a table while you make your photo. You'll get a clear photo.
4. The golden rule for making all kind of photo's: (try to) never take a photo right into the sun! Your subject will be dark then.

Good luck!

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